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It has been so long since I have posted on my blog.  Sorry about that!  I had a lot of personal stuff going on in my life and I took a break from designing.  I would say I’m back full steam ahead now.  I just released a great set of products for the Gotta Grab It event at Gotta Pixel.  All the products, called My Cup of Tea, are on sale for just $1 through Friday, March 20th.  Check out the bundle which is on sale for just $5.

Now onto the blog hop.  I love the color palette of this blog hop and the theme is perfect for all of us technology users out there. Take a look at what our design team came up with.

Here is my portion of the blog hop.  Click on the image to download my pieces or click here.  For those of you unfamiliar with google drive, when you click on the link there will be a black bar at the top of the window and right in the middle there will be a white arrow pointing down with a line under it.  Click on that arrow and you will be able to download.



You can use the follow arrows to either find your way to the previous blog on the blog hop or the next stop.  Thanks for stopping by!

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It’s a Boy Thing

It’s Gotta Grab It time again at Gotta Pixel and Becky has some great new pieces for you. This month’s colors inspired her to create pieces that are perfect for scrapping all about the boys in your life, whether they be young or old. Let’s have a look at It’s a Boy Thing

You can purchase each piece for $1 from July 12 to July 18

You can also purchase everything together as a bundle for $8

Summer Carnival now at GingerScraps

Just dropping in real quick to let you know that Becky’s GGI pieces are now available at GingerScraps. The kit is  on sale for 21% off  and the individual packs are 20% off for a limited time, but you can pick up the Bundle for a whopping 42% off!!! Let’s have a look at them again






Don’t miss your chance to pick up these goodies at a substantial savings.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

LBS_SignatureSiggys_b2n2_bohemian copy

Summer Carnival Layout Inspiration

There’s just a couple more days to pick up Becky’s Summer Carnival Gotta Grab It pieces while they are still on sale. Let’s have look at the bundle

Remember,  you can still get each piece for $1 or the Bundle for $8, but only for a couple more days.

I told you I’d be back with some inspiration from the Creative Team and here it is

Didn’t they do a wonderful job?

Thanks so much for joining me today!!

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Summer Carnival

It’s Gotta Grab It Time at Gotta Pixel and Becky’s got some fun pieces inspired by the Summer Carnivals that make the rounds this time of year. The fun bright colors and themed elements are sure to help you scrap all of your fun Summer memories.

You can also purchase all the pieces in a Bundle
Each Piece is on sale for $1 from June 14 through 20. The Bundle is available for $8
I’ll be back in a couple of days with some layouts from the Creative Team.





LBS_SignatureSiggys_b2n2_bohemian copy


Did you collect all the pieces of last month’s Daily Download at GingerScraps? If you missed a few pieces, not to worry because you can now purchase Stufmuffin in Becky’s shop.

Studmuffin is a collab with Little Rad Trio and was created with the men in your life in mind. Created in a great palette of browns, blues and greens, Studmuffin has everything you’ll need to create a manly layout documenting the guys in your life.


Let’s have a look at the great layouts from the Creative Team

That’s it for today! Thanks so much for stopping in!

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